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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Coaches coaching Coaches

Thanks to Morris for asking a great question. Why do coaches need coaches? Why can't coaches survive in the world without that kind of support?

Sometimes people have this image of coaches, therapist, counsellors etc., as people who have all of their issues and problems sorted out. After all, they have been to school for this stuff, so they should be able to put it into practice in their own lives, right? Otherwise, perhaps they don't have any business telling others to do it!

The truth is for me, and many other coaches, it is even harder to see what I am doing that is getting in my way precisely BECAUSE of my training. I can talk myself out of things incredibly well. Don't feel like going to the gym? It's self-care! Want to avoid making that difficult phone call? I'm just following my intuition - perhaps it's just not "meant to be"!

I've warned my coach about my slippery behaviour and she holds my feet to the fire, holding me accountable, reminding me what I told her I wanted for myself. As I grow and get to doing even scarier and more difficult things, I need her support and encouragement to stay out on my learning edge. I feel that the best thing I can give my clients is the assurance that I, too, am constantly pushing myself to grow, and loving every second of it. I can only inspire that in my clients if I am doing it myself.

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It still sounds like crap to me. But clever turning my comment around into a post!
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