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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I am a Genius

Great news! I forwarded my book draft to a friend, a very particular and special friend who is a Doctor of Literature or something equally robust as well as a published author. She loved it! She thought it was powerful and special and it showed her a new perspective about herself. We both got quite emotional.

Then she said it needed major reorganization and .... offered to help! I'm just thrilled beyond belief. This is major. Part of me was thinking that no-one would be interested in it, it would probably never see the light of day, even though the whole point of writing it was to spread my ideas and experience in my field. When I was writing it and banging my head against the wall on regular occassions, publication day seemed like an impossible dream. I had some lovely fantasies that people would seize on it with huge enthusiasm, but I found it quite easy to dismiss them as unrealistic. After all, I'm a brand new author.

Having my erudite friend give it such a strong acknowledgement was quite overwhelming. To be validated like this is truly indescribable. If she likes it so much, I'm more inclined to think that I've really done something valuable here. I couldn't stop crying with happiness. So I went out and bought champagne and spent a whole day celebrating!

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I'm a bit confused. You are a life coach, but your life is such a mess, you have to rely on other life coaches to help you out?

Explain that to me? Why would anyone want to hire you, if you can't even help yourself.
Yay! That is awesome! I'm glad you had such powerful validation. That just gave me courage.
i am so delighted for you, j. that is really, really good news.
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