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Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Yes, I'm back! Not dead! What on earth can I say about it? And why now?

I just read a blog post here and a light went on. I lost so much of myself in my now-dead marriage, and it's time to reclaim it. Luckily I have a stowaway son who reminds me daily that I'm still in here.

Anyway I'm going to settle in slowly, with my latest poem. Then I'll begin unpacking.

Bird Music

Listen to that bird sing
That bird be jammin
Rockin it out on the edge man
Singing like a mofo
Respecting the legends
Honouring the ancestors
In its own groove
Can't hear most of the genius
With my lame person-ears
My slow person-mind
And it's still platinum
What kind of music
Does that bird listen to

Thanks for the link! I ended up leaving Oldman, too. Or, technically, he left me. He just moved out yesterday to go live with his parents in New Orleans.

So how do you plan to reclaim your "now-dead" marriage?
Sorry to hear about Oldman. Even if it's for the best, it's always hard to say goodbye to the dream.

My marriage is beyond resurrection; it's the hundreds of parts of myself I gave up, in tiny incremental chunks, that I want back. One of them is this blog!

Thanks for listening :)
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