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Monday, May 28, 2012



All people are social. Even introverts need to touch down in the real world in order to get supplies of physical, mental, and spiritual food. We need to know we are real, embodied, and human, and the only way to know this is through interaction with others.

Gifted people often feel that they are reaching towards something that others cannot touch. As most people are reasonably content with their status quo, they don't understand why dissatistfaction exists for a gifted person. They can only give input on the level of their personal satisfaction. This means while on the outside a gifted person may appear to have it made, or have clear "issues", the root cause inside may be a lack of clear feedback and communication about what is present at the deepest levels.

When you are gifted, it is critical to get feedback and validation at the developmental level you are working on. The only people who can provide that are people who have already been there. This is why, in order to embrace a gifted identity, gifted children and adults must be able to speak and hear and be with each other. The elders must demonstrate and model how to manage the many sensitivities and overexcitablities that can overwhelm a gifted child.

This is the safe and nuturing world of the school I am creating.

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