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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Nothing Less Than Everything

I went to coaching school this weekend, and I'm absolutely thrilled. I'm going to brag about myself because I totally rocked it.

How did I do this? I pushed and pushed these leaders with outrageous honesty about my experience. I told them what I really, truly thought, even at the point when I was sure the whole thing was a big waste of my time and money. And they kept on accepting everything I could produce from my bag of tricks; tears, anger, snideness, boredom, depression.....I've got a big range....and asking for more.

I figured, they really mean it. They want it ALL and they want it all in my coaching. So I blasted them, full bore, no holding back - and they loved it. It turns out that's what they meant, all along, about coactive coaching. People have asked me for my full commitment and passion before; but when I gave it to them, they were scared and overwhelmed and told me off for being inappropriate. Not this time.

The leaders told me that my work was the best they had seen in over 30 teachings of this same course, and my classmates agreed - I got a standing ovation (another first in the leaders' experience) and many people came to tell me how much I had inspired them. I am just pumped because as a coach I am required to USE my whole self. I can't hold back and if I do I am ripping off my clients.

This post is a way to savour that experience and most importantly reinforce what I know to be true now. This blog can serve as a way to keep that fresh and constant in my life and most importantly in my coaching. My clients deserve nothing less than everything I have to give.

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Life is the box... it's what we put into it that's the real gift.

Congrats on giving it your all!
That is awesome! I'm glad you dared! and got such positive feedback for sharing yourself. That is so great!
Awesome is overused....and in this case, totally accurate. I'm proud of you!
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