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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hello Darlings

Hi, I'm back. After spending so much time away doing mind and soul-bending things, it's a bit weird to come home and find everything is just as I left it.

The most amazing thing has happened to time. It's as if everything has slowed down, like I'm meditating. I'm going through life just fine, getting the laundry done, renting videos, petting the dog; but every second seems bigger.

One of the great benefits of this is having more time to choose a response when I'm in a challenging situation. Something will happen that I would normally react to negatively, and I get time to hear/see it, go "ouch!", then respond in a way that is helpful to me. I feel much calmer and more present in these situations which is a huge gift.

Another benefit is that I can see the truly amazing beauty in the world around me and the people everywhere. There is so much love in every moment. I'm adoring my life and appreciating every opportunity to work and share.

Rereading this, I'm perfectly aware that it sounds a bit nuts, but that doesn't really matter, either. Wow. Yeah!!!

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Yay! Times like that rock! May it blend into your everyday and melt into all your readers screens, so we can touch them and have fuller seconds and awareness of beauty. Yay! :)
Nicey. I felt a bit that good when I came back from my holidays.
I'm really curious, what happened on this retreat of yours? Did anything naughty happen?
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