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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Vocations and Multipotentiality

Thanks to shutteredeye for today's questions: "How would you advise someone to discover what it is that they are truly meant to do? For example, is it a disservice to society for me, capable of excelling as a neurosurgeon, to instead pursue say, photography? In your opinion is it a waste of talent or resources, so to speak?"

As a coach, I don't advise people how to discover what they are meant to do - I work with them as they answer that question for themselves. We brainstorm, look at things as many ways as we can conceive of, and talk about values, dreams, goals, fears, and ultimate fulfillment. The process is different for everyone but basically we work from the inside out. We turn up the volume on that small voice inside that knows what is right.

Something I've noticed lately is that gifted people rarely find one thing that they are meant to do forever - what is deeply satisfying to them changes as they grow and change. My clients pick up the skills and tools learnt during the coaching process again and again throughout their lives. Especially the internal volume control!

Following this thread, I believe deeply that the only person who has a valid opinion about what to do with your multiple talents is you. After all, you're the only one who really knows what you are capable of. In my view, it is a disservice to society to do anything other than that which calls most deeply to your soul. Your talent for other things will inform whatever it is that you are most passionate about.

To use your example, there's many ways to combine a passion for photography with a detailed knowledge of the brain. Or perhaps it's the manual dexterity that is your talent - again, it will help you in unanticipated ways in photography, perhaps creating a unique artform. Who is to say that a completely new aesthetic sensibility is of less value to society than an awesome brain surgeon? I certainly can't judge.

No person who is storming into the world and using the magnificence of their unique talents is ever wasting anything. It's the people who play small that go to the grave with their music still inside them.

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Thanks, ima! Already working on it, and very thankful for the extension.
You life coaches are a complete scam, you don't help people at all!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris
You're right, Mr. Morris! We don't help people, we support them as they help themselves. Call me for a demonstration session and I'll show you!
One of the exciting aspects about having multipotentialities is that you have a lifetime to explore them. Life occurs in stages, anyway...who says you have to do the same thing your entire life?!
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