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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Great News!

I'm so thrilled - I just heard that my proposal to speak at the 23rd SENG Conference in Irvine, California, has been accepted! Here's my session description:

Improv for the Exceptional
Are you always “in your head”? Do you feel like you’re from another planet? Come and play in the Here and Now! Improv shows you how to conquer fear of failure, impress your friends, and use your gifted brain to have fun. This session explains the power of improvisation and introduces some basic games you can use to build confidence and social skills at home or in the classroom.

I'm walking on sunshine and spreading the joy!

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congrats jo_jo!
....the fun side of giftedness will be well represented
That's wonderful, jo_jo! This is a great organization, and a nice opportunity for you to highlight how improv can benefit gifted people, young and old. Our local SENG presenter just happens to be Arlene DeVries, and these sessions are very worthwhile.
YAY! I want to go. It sounds like a great time.
The improv sounds like a fabulous idea. Some of the only times I enjoyed in high school were off-campus at an improv class offered by the Arts Center that was made available to "TAG" (as it was called then) students.

Thanks for stopping by my site and the encouraging words. I'm already feeling better by the light of day, in bed with a laptop and my daughter and a "brain candy" book to read.

I've enjoyed the previous posts on this page to. I was "diagnosed" as gifted at age 7 (only after they had deduced that I did not, in fact have a hearing problem, and was not, in fact, retarded), and I could now write a compelling treatment on howI feel that it ruined my life--at least the first half. :)
"how" I feel. Not "howl." Not an entirely inappropriate slip, lately.
And oh, dear merciful heavens, I meant "too," as is "also, in that last bit. I must either proofread better, or just stop altogether so I don't get upset. Bleah.
ima, thanks for your
kind words!

Wordwalker, I'm finding that the "gifted world" is pretty small!

Braidwood, please come. It would be so wonderful to meet you irl!

Belinda, good to read that you're feeling a bit stronger today. Please don't worry about proofing, I guessed what you meant but did note the Freudian finger-slip! 'd be really, really interested in reading that compelling treatment, once life stabiizes a bit for you.

Thanks very much everyone for all the positive vibes!
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