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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


There's SO MUCH to say

Writing several workshop outlines and conference session proposals this week, I realize that the most difficult thing about it is figuring out what to leave out. Choosing from the huge amount of useful and fascinating information I have assimilated about life coaching and improv and gifted people is hard enough. Talking about the intensely creative process I go through in real time when I'm coaching or teaching is even harder.

Getting my audience to participate in a demonstration of what I do is a much more effective way to communicate. That is because I am able to provide a single experience that will be deeply meaningful to each individual at their own level of interest and development. For example, the simple game of Word At a Time teaches a host of skills. A storyteller will notice the narrative development, listening skills, and eye contact. A teacher will probably notice teamwork, use of grammar, and sparking of imagination. A counsellor might focus on the group energy, archetypal story forms, and low-risk group participation opportunities. A coach - the possibility of bypassing a mental censor to get to the heart of a problem, or a new brainstorming tool. A gifted person could be drawn to the freedom, hilarity, and speed of the game.

So if there are more things to say than I have the patience to find words for, I go with showing. Richer, more personal, and much more fun!

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