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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


It's Not ALL Bad

I have noticed recently that I'm starting to enjoy going to the supermarket more. My local store recently installed a coffee kiosk (whose name I am not going to mention due to their existing cultural hegemony), a panini grill, and the music is louder. Top me up with sugar and caffine and give me a wheeled cart to dance with, and you know I'm going to spend happy hours amongst the vegetables, occasionally seizing a cucumber microphone for a big number. The staff are starting to smile and nudge each other as I sashay through the door. And it's not just me - other shoppers are catching the vibe. Last week we were involved in a spontaneous trolley dance around the butter tarts to "Wind Beneath My Wings".

I think one of the great and under-represented benefits of being gifted is a greater capacity for fun. There's lots of focus on the depression part, which is good because it's life-threatening and we need more research, but not much on the other end of the spectrum. Gifted people get more laughs! They can find the humour in everything, as well as the horror. I find myself chuckling and smiling at very inappropriate moments just as much as bursting into unwanted tears.

I am going to go to my new favourite hangouts, UBC Libraries, and see if I can find anything about this. I adore libraries and these are great - different specialties and atmostpheres, but with a central catalogue. I can choose the one that best suits my mood, the darkness of the Education Library for bad days, the soaring heights of the Main Library for transcendent ones. It's like the various varieties of Starbucks - arrrgghh, they got me in the end.

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