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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Dippy Miscellany

I'm getting worried about myself. The dip continues, with brief respites. Other bloggers are in the same spot, for example Shakespeare's Sister. Her commentors have lots of good suggestions, my favourite being the chainsaw. If nothing else it would make me focus on something apart from my dippiness.

Anyway tonight I am going to a lovely seminar on gifted education at UBC. Can you say, "free educational and networking opportunity"! I'm also confirmed to do two improv shows on the next two Thursdays as part of !nstant Theatre's Cage Match. Our fabulous and talented team is called Krispy on the Edges. Yeah!

Finally, I found an exciting new feature on Bernard. If you set it right, it will take 24 shots in about 5 seconds - check out Steve flailing for maximum effect!

And that's about all for today, folks. Will continue meandering through the underworld until I find the magic door.

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