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Thursday, January 05, 2006



What is the appropriate response to visiting a favourite blog, only to find a blank page? Braidwood, if you can hear me, I can't hear you. Please let us know you are OK. Being ignorant, I hope it is OK to ask that question in this format. Commentors, please put on your Miss Manners hat and educate me.

Having read of another firing due to blogging (aka "doocing") here, I'm wondering exactly how corporations and other organizations are going to deal with the "threat" blogging represents. After all, they can't fire EVERYONE. And they can't impose rules on behaviour outside work time, although they can create a culture of fear (that's easy!)

For those who crave change and are looking for guerilla tactics, blogging is very powerful. My mischevious side is gleefully rubbing its palms together and chuckling. With the anonymity of the internet, perhaps the daily torture of work will finally be exposed, and commentors will be able to support each other in getting out of disgusting situations. How about live webcasts from within the workplace, showing some of the inanity? Podcasts of actual conversations between you and your crazy boss? Blog posts that contain complete emails (identifiers removed) that are particularly juicy? Oh, I'm just getting started. Hee hee hee!

I know that most of these things could already be accomplished with pre-blog technology, but nothing has the potentially instant impact of a blog on a huge number of people worldwide. I remain optimistic that blogs can change the world!

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Hi Jo!

Thanks for pointing out that I wasn't online and caring! I don't know what happened to my page. It briefly disapeared on me too, just this morning. It's like the universe manifested my ambiguity about having a blog (not really :)I can see it again, so I hope you can too. Just refresh the browser if you go to my page and it isn't there. That is weird. I wonder how long it was gone?

By the way, stories like that make me lean again towards the anonymous side of bloggin.
Stories like that make me lean towards the NON-anonymous side of blogging.

Ok -- looking at it in the cold clear light of day. We are being physically attacked (no money means no means of livelihood, means physical hardship and endangerment). And we are being attacked for having the ability to express ourselves.

It seems, as you say, Jo Jo, that it is time to stand up for ourselves.

After all, physical attack is war.
Imagine how revolutionary it is, that your remarks are answered by someone from as far as Australia and Minnesota, without a phone call or postage stamp. In the march of time, that is revolutionary.

blogs cover events, better than CNN.

You're more subversive, then I ever gave you credit for. I'm impressed.
Renegade Eye, quit putting commas where they don't belong okay? I know you can do it for,me, your, good friend, and your, brain, will not melt in, the process.
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