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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Life is Amazing

Vancouver is quiveringly beautiful this morning. A rime frost has iced every surface, highlighting the heartbreaking symmetry of ferns and rhododendrons and the crazy weave of the grass. The pale sun melts in a tentative blue sky. Light is fizzing everywhere, filling the world in a champagne bath of energy. I stand square in the park and honour the mountains and the great river before me. I feel alive to the tips of my fingers. I feel the cycle of life thrumming in my bones.

I am so greatly blessed that I can find the simple joy in brushing my teeth or waking my love with a cup of fresh coffee. What an amazing gift it is to live!

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Clearly it is not a PMS day :-)

This sort of in the moment feeling of clarity is rare and fleeting. Enjoy it in all its glory!
I find this experience more and more as I age!
Cherish those times. They are our "spinach" for other times when popeyes's energy level is low.

Merry & Happy!
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