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Friday, December 16, 2005


Getting Paid

I received my biggest cheque yet in the mail today! It's so cool how much more rewarding it is to get paid for doing something I love.

When I worked a regular job with a regular cheque and a regular mental breakdown, I wasn't happy and grateful every time the money appeared in my account. I took the money and spent some of it, saved some, blew some; it was about as exciting as cleaning the toilet. I used to calculate how many weeks it would take me to afford something awesome like some school or travel. It was a dependable infusion of cash, but even bonuses and raises quickly became tedious. I learnt that I am not motivated by money.

But now, I get a cheque, and I'm celebrating for the whole day. I think it's because it's not just me getting the money; it's my company, my vision, my dream. Every last cent is a valued expression of support from my customers. More than that, it's confirmation from the universe that I'm on the right path. I'm motivated by money again, something I never thought I'd feel comfortable admitting!

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I am excited for you:) Cheers! I too think there are miles between just getting paid vs. doing work that you love and then getting money for it on top of all that satisfaction!

I'm clinking my glass for you! And I'm being sincere:)
Good effort. well done. That is why I'll be doing a doctorate no matter how much it kills me financially -- it's meaningful.
Frankly, I find it exciting to be paid no matter what!
That is wonderful news, and I am glad for you!
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