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Thursday, December 29, 2005



Thanks to Unsane for sparking today's post with her question, "Why the sensitivity towards familial ideals?"

I'm embarrassed, but there's a part of me that continues to buy in to the safe and loving family images that bombard us at Christmastime. I know that it's a fantasy meme, and even the best of families have their own dose of craziness. Yet I literally yearn for the sugar of unconditional acceptance and understanding of my whole personality from all the people who love me. I start to believe that this time they will not have their own agendas for me. Totally impossible and unreasonable, and I've long accepted that....but...a Western Christmas can make me believe again that people are perfect, that a man flies through the air delivering toys, and that it's all supposed to be this way.

Most of the time, I laugh these things off, and give myself what I need. The wonder of the season melts my defences and creates false hopes. But I'd still rather embrace the magic.

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Hmmm.. YOu haven't developed your cynicism yet.
The Christmas story has hardship under the sugary things.

Christ was born in a barn, in the dessert. It is cold at night. He didn't have the comfort of a home.

Joseph had to deal with accepting a baby, from an unmarried woman, pregnant with another man's baby.

It does have some depth. That is why it lives.

I'm a Happy Holidays person, not a Merry Christmas one.

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