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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Ethics and Imagination

We went to see Narnia last night, which I absolutely adored. Having read the book over and over as a child had everything to do with it, as my wonderful boyfriend, whilst appreciating the effects, didn't find it that exciting.

My mentor told me how much she saw me in the character Lucy! I didn't tell her at the time, but I was Lucy for much of my childhood - the one who was always finding stuff that other people blamed on my imagination. I was also the one so quick to point out what wasn't fair, and urge the adults to act ethically. Both things got me in huge trouble several times and so eventually I just shut up. No more, dear reader! No more!

Anyway, I'm punching out for Christmas now. There are many celebrations I will be attending and friends to catch up with. I wish all of you the very best of the holiday season!

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Seasons Greetings
I think that Narnia is quite the cerebral book. I related to it a lot, as a kid.
Always question....never just accept.

Merry & Happy!
Merry Christmas to you. May all your wishes come true!
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