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Monday, November 07, 2005


Word Verification

I have decided to add word verification to comments. I hope this does not discourage people from sharing their thoughts with me! I appreciate all your input so much and would hate the spammers to take that away from all of us - so please let me know how you feel about it during this trial period. Thank you.

Everyone using Blogger is having to do it, don't worry.
Thank you for the comment on a sibilant intake of breath. Out of curiosity, what does being a life coach for gifted teens involve?
You're welcome, Milan. Thanks for the great question... I find it hard to concisely explain. Basically, it involves meeting with teens by phone, in person, or online. I'm a safe adult to talk to about being gifted and all that it might mean. We build a relationship that allows the teen to explore their own gifted identity and their dreams for the future. I also create improv workshops which provide opportunities to meet intellectual peers, learn "life skills" painlessly, and have a lot of fun.

Hope to see you here again, and I will be visiting you - I'm interested in your battle for edible food in the college. Many have tried.....!
Anything that discourages spammers is OK with me.
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