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Wednesday, November 16, 2005



I just realized that several of my carefully planned activities that give me emotional and spiritual support were missing last week. For various reasons, I was unable to attend my storytelling class, speak to my coach, or kvetch with my Success Team. The impact on my emotional health was really amazing; I went into a nosedive and got all wound up about trivial things, lost touch with my vision for this business, and bickered at my long-suffering boyfriend. I even became physically ill at one point.

Why would I share this on my blog again (see this post)? Because I want to spread the word that gifted people can be susceptible to minor breakdowns whenever the weather changes - hormonal, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, or literal weather, that is. It is very inconvenient when you are trying to fit into a regular school or work mould because the ability to deal with challenging situations is greatly reduced. I have burnt my bridges during one of these phases and it wasn't easy to build them again.

So how to deal with it? In my case, lots of chocolate, staying out of people's way, counting to ten before opening my mouth, and getting the necessary support a different way (meeting a very wise friend for lunch, going to the VAG to spend time with Emily Carr). It's going to be different for everyone, but the great thing is remembering that this is normal for me, and taking awesome care of myself is the best remedy. Yes, it's not what I want, given all the work I have to do, but in the long run it really is more efficient.

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This is what you need to teach your gifted kids. How to build a support system. A group of indivules skilled in areas they are lacking.
Get well.
I was ruined in the Gifted and Talented program at Gloucester High School in Va.

I suppose if a program is well administered it is a good idea, if not it is worse than none at all.

That was a long time ago and I hope they got it straight. I won't be letting 'em near my children though.
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