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Monday, November 07, 2005


Finding the Way

What an incredible weekend of meeting people with the power to speak to my soul. I went to the Vancouver Storytelling Festival. I had planned to stay all day Saturday, but I found I had to go home at lunch time after hearing from Mike Burns in his workshop, "Storytelling as a Healing Art".

Mike enthralled us for two hours by telling stories and showing us through word and deed how much people need stories to awaken to the deepest mysteries of life. Stories are a way to tell people they are not alone, that other people have felt what they are experiencing. I cannot think of another population who needs to hear this more than the gifted adult community, who may not have been properly initiated into the mystery of their brains in their teens. I felt almost called to action!

This workshop inspired me to find a way to end the story of "The Magic Hill", an A.A.Milne tale that I have been retelling in Storytelling class. I was always dissatisfied by the ending. A princess is cursed (gifted?!), and in Milne's ending this is dealt with by removing the princess to a place where she can't do any damage - and the story ends before we hear what happens when she grows up.

In my version she will go on a hero's journey. She will find the resources she needs to master her own power so that she can exercise it without leaving the safety of her community. Story models as well as heals.

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I love stories. That sounds like a wonderful workshop.
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