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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


When To Jump

Life is like a hurricane - an endless series of tiny decisions that add up to a big effect. For example, right now I am writing this blog. I could be sleeping, running, walking the dog, surfing, reading business literature, writing my book, developing my newsletter, making calls - the choices are endless.

Sometimes I get stuck in a choice loop - I can't make a decision, because it seems like every one will set me on a different path. My imagination gets triggered, and I start to create wild scenarios about the consequences of my choice. If the store clerk knew what happens in my head when she asks "Paper or plastic?" she'd think I'm nuts! Knowing a little bit about chaos theory only compounds this effect. Yet, not making the decision is still a choice, so how on earth do I get myself moving every day?

Breaking through the requirement I put on myself to make the right choice is easy if I just view my life as an experiment. I'll jump this way, based on what I know now - if it's wrong, good experimental data. I can make a new choice, any time.

Gifted people can spend so much time mentally rehearsing possible consequences that they never take action. As a coach, I help people bring awareness to their choices and be concious of the effects of the choices they make by talking to me about it regularly.

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OMG! Were we separated at birth?
I only put that there because you are talking about the exact same thing I am....it's soooooooo cool to have tripped upon your blog!...but in the world of quantum physics we don't ever really "trip" on anything now do we?
hehehe I'm going to blog this! about you and your brave, brave world...right now! Heather
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