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Friday, October 21, 2005


Talk to Me

Thanks to smarts for sparking today's post (and for your kind words!)

When I first heard about coaching, I knew immediately that this was a "helping" model that would allow for deep communication and also respect the uniqueness and beauty of each gifted individual. On further investigation, I found out that most coaching is done over the phone.

This caused conflicting feelings in me. On one hand, I was thrilled to learn that I was not limited to being of service only to people in my local area - and on a business level, it's a much more workable model. Gifted people are a relatively rare breed, so having a world-wide market (for English speakers, at least) means my business is far more viable.

On the other hand, it's generally easier and faster for me to make a deep connection when I can see the other person and read their physical analogic language, in addition to their digital words. I was sceptical that I would be able to do the kind of work I feel called to do over the relatively narrow band that telephone communication seemed to provide.

What I have found is that the phone offers clients a level of comfort that I hadn't anticipated. There is a measure of safety in being in your own space during a coaching call. Having control over how much to reveal of yourself can be especially important to gifted people, who are often defensive because they are so used to being misunderstood. The phone allows them to relax and not worry that they are sending messages unintentionally through body language.

My intuition works just as well over the phone, as I bring the same quality of attention to clients no matter how we are coaching. And there's a surprise bonus - somehow, having to verbalize thoughts clearly lets clients to crystalize their intentions and goals in a very powerful way. Having coached both ways, I find I'm comfortable offering both. I even have one client I coach through MSN Messenger (with multiple emoticons!) and I'm all set up to do video coaching, too. I love giving clients the choice - it's our first decision as a new team.

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Thank you. In the last couple of days I am beginning to see myself as a new kind of normal! A more exciting kind:) I look forward to your support.
I wandered over through Smarts' blog. I don't think I have ever come across people who think like I do: who must be feeding themselves information all the time, and can't shut off their minds. Every question has so many answers- which one is right? Sheesh, even choosing a deodorant takes me 20 minutes. Men's deodorant? (cheaper and you get more) Women's? (because it really could be make only for a woman, but is it really ph balanced? Is that just a gimmick) Price? (I wonder if the no name brand is made by the name brand and I should just try that kind) Smell? (does this small too much like a maxi pad? Maybe I should get unscented...)

Sometimes it is just so nice to go to sleep.

I am going to read through your archives now, and not feel so much like I am on a deserted island! And I won't wander over here any more - I will run!
"Having control over how much to reveal of yourself can be especially important to gifted people, who are often defensive because they are so used to being misunderstood."

I think you've been watching me ;-)
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