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Thursday, October 06, 2005



I wrote a terribly witty and erudite post yesterday, went to publish it, and couldn't because Blogger was down. So this is a memorial for my missing post. May it rest in peace out there in the blogsphere, wherever it is, amusing and entertaining the virtual ghosts in the land of unpublished works of greatness.

Goodbye sweet post. We will not try to hold on to what is gone, but instead turn our faces into the wind and blog anew.

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There is nothing worse. Years ago, I had a wonderful little story, I thought, and lost the damn thing because I forget to save, save, save. I was working in MS word.

Here is my lament - I had a really great story about Dunf and September and his wondering about the future; but I pushed a wrong button and Poof, he was gone, and I’d like to sue the producer!
It was a great piece on winter’s solitude, seen as a wall, waiting just around the corner, waiting to be slammed into! But now it’s gone forever.

“Things that go away by themselves, can come back by themselves.” You can thank one of Billy Gates’ boys for that one.

This same night that you are speaking of, I myself did not so much lose a written blog, as had written one, and could not post it on blogger. [I do all of mine on a Word document, and then post them]. Once I finally got the thing out there, the lack of response made me realize that my eagerness to express myself is probably inversely proportional to the eagerness with which I am read!
Ho hum!
I write because I MUST.
Sorry to hear that you lost one to the ethereal netherworld.
As my financial advisor would say, albeit in an entirely different context..... "Save, save, save!"
You have a great, upbeat, site.
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