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Monday, October 10, 2005


Pecan Pie

I'm everlastingly grateful to my dog. She makes me get up, get out, and walk around in the world no matter what - which has such a positive impact on my mental state. We wander around, meeting the neighbours, smelling the bonfire-tinged air.

It also keeps me in touch with the seasons. The graceful sweep into a Vancouver fall is so comforting and at the same time astoundlingly beautiful, like a great piece of music. The trees on my street rain leaves onto my car, so that when I drive away, I create my own parade! And on the hill, the nondescript dark green trees suddenly reveal the city gardener's inspired vision as they burst scarlet into a rain-grey sky.

The stores are full of yams, pumpkins, and Halloween candy, dressing them orange. I found a chocolate and pecan pie yesterday that was so good it is probably illegal in some US states. This time of year blesses me with its variety.

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