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Thursday, October 27, 2005



Out of a need for self-protection, I don't watch the news on TV or read any kind of daily news media. I choose not to subject myself to the negative energy, it pings my emotions too much. I usually hear a 30-second news spot on the radio at some point during the day, and that's about it. So I only just heard that Rosa Parks died.

This is a person who inspires me by her dedication to human rights causes. She's a role model for me as someone who saw a problem and just rolled up her sleeves and did what she could to help. The trickster inside me loves that she just got fed up one day and decided she wasn't going to obey some archaic and ridiculous rule. I can really relate to that feeling!

She represents for me the power of one person performing one small act of defiance that starts changing everything. One person with a vision can make a difference for millions. What a great role model for all of us!

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That brings back memories.
I don't watch the news for the same reason- too much.
I skim-watch the evening news, but mostly get a sense of what's going on and deciding what to check out in more detail on the web. My bloglines subscriptions show me the patterns of what's uppermost in the news and how people are responding to it. Very interesting to see how topics rise and fall in interest and whose death provokes the most commentary.

A post by a European blogger who had no idea of who Rosa Parks was pointed up the difference in cultural perspectives. Parks is a spark point in US history, but for Europeans, the whole civil rights thing may be just an interesting side note.
I feel the same way about the media.....full of negativity....sometimes I ask myself...why can't they give us one feel good story for every five negative. I guess that wouldn't sell papers or get ratings.
Hi, thanks for responding everyone!

A friend of mine actually begun a newspaper that only contained positive news; it didn’t sell very well! I think the trouble is that positive news is less exciting at face value. The appeal only becomes clear with great reporting and good writing, which is rarer and rarer in the media these days.

I think this sentiment is at least partly responsible for the rise in popularity of blogging. Everyone can find a writer who has a perspective they can relate to.
Mostly, I rely upon the Daily Show in order to make current events tolerable.
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