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Sunday, October 02, 2005


Here comes the rain - again

Feeling a bit desperate today. It's rainy and dark, outside and in. It's hard to stay with myself when I'm in the downswing of a creative burst, but I know from experience it's temporary and I just have to work through it.

In some ways I don't want to blog at all, as I'd like everyone to think I am unfailingly positive with the sunniest of dispositions. However I know that other gifted people will recognize themselves much more easily if I can share the down times too.

In this type of mood, watching the news at all is a terrible idea. News seems like something designed specifically to bring me down, especially now when I'm feeling a bit powerless over my car's critical need for a new transmission and my complete lack of resources to make this happen. Today, I just want to curl up into a small ball under the covers and forget about everything. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to look at it more as a juicy problem for my creative, gifted mind to solve. Oh boy.

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Thank you posting over on my site. Now you've got me curious about my little AG redhead. It makes me wonder: is he just a little above the game, or truely gifted? And how would I know the difference?

I must research now. The links you have here are an excellent start. Thank you!
Hi Jo-Jo, I bumped into your blog by accident and it spooked me. My son is a transmission mechanic and I just wrote a very short story called Miss Loretta Modern and Jo-Jo plays a crucial role.

And as for feeling desperate, for me that is a steady state. I always seem to be in a state of flux.

I'm not saying this always works, but try punching your car in the face, and see if it makes you feel better.

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