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Monday, October 17, 2005


Great Question

Thanks to Erin for today's question, "Why do you do it?" Deep, deep stuff for me. I've been thinking about how to answer it.

The best I've come up with is, because I am the person who sees the problem. I empathize with the pain that gifted people feel in situations that would be perfectly acceptable to the majority of the population. I dream of a better world, a better life, for all; but I can't help everyone. I'm not a politician, or a agriculturalist, or an engineer - my contribution to that enormous goal is not going to be the same as theirs. There is a tiny segment of the population that I can help where most other helping professionals can't, so that is where I put my energy and time.

And I can be the one who stands up and says, I am gifted! It's fantastic and wonderful and awful and devastating, all together. I can identify as a gifted adult to the gifted kids I work with, and mirror them on those levels that aren't usually acknowledged. I can educate and inform and debate and try, try, try to get out the message that people aren't superhuman just because they have an exceptional mind. They need special help and care. They aren't getting it - because too many of them end up misdiagnosed with mental illness, or dead, by suicide or through substance abuse. I am called to make a difference in their memory and for those who come after us. I believe that is my purpose, my special mission this time around.

I've finally found a way to live with this world, and I want to walk with others as they do the same. I know what it's like because I live there 24/7. I've had experiences of genuinely concerned people doing their best who just make things a lot worse and increase the sense of isolation that is part of being a gifted child/adult. I want people to know that informed help is out there and they are not alone. I want to spread hope, joy, and provide a safe space for people to develop.

Thanks for asking, Erin. It's a great question and I will continue to explore my answer.

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