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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Gifted + Rear-Ended = Existential Crisis

Maybe I should just give up the whole idea of driving! I got rear-ended yesterday in the courtesy car - brilliant sunshine, dry pavement, mid afternoon. *What* is the universe trying to tell me? Or am I trying to make a meaning where there is no meaning to be made? Why am I here, anyway, and am I doing what I'm here to do?

Talking with my mentor yesterday she said that all of the things that are happening and all the actions I am taking just sound like the birth of a business. In other words, this blend of stress and elation is totally normal! It really helps to remember my mission - to use my gifts to release the gifts of others.

I am setting up gifted teen improv workshops to start in the third week of January. The space is really important - it must be clean, bright, and have good vibes - don't know how else to talk about that indescribable "hit" I get when I know I'm in the right place. I'm very excited about the possibilities of this project and looking forward to telling people about it at the GCABC conference. If you live in Vancouver, come say hello!

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