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Tuesday, October 18, 2005



It's a beautiful sunny day here in Vancouver, and the steam is starting to rise off all the wood sodden from five days of rain. It makes me feel that anything is possible - today's rain is tomorrow's sun. My favourite attitude is that there is no good or bad, everything is an opportunity for us to learn, but I'm pretty bad at holding that attitude consistently.

My dream is that my work will be useful to gifted people and increase the general level of acceptance of them at school, in the workplace, and in relationships. This is my touchstone and keeps me focused on only those things that will help this goal. Going after a dream is not easy; it's hard work, especially when it's something ephemeral and extremely long-term. A touchstone is necessary to remind me when I feel like giving up or selling out.

The support of my family and friends carries me through the hardest parts. I have a couple of internal obstacles I'm working on right now. I'm not a planner by temperament, I prefer to feel spontaneous and free. So a business plan feels like a straitjacket! At the same time, I adore my routine and the structure it gives my life. So making changes can cause a lot of stress, pinging my overexcitable nature in unforeseen ways.

What I'm trying to say is, reaching for a dream is natural and easy, but doing the footwork to get there can bring up some serious gremlins. That's why coaching helps me so much; it reminds me to listen to, and work from, my deepest drive.

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