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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Career Options

A common issue that arises for gifted people is their need for mental stimulation. I have had jobs where there was lots of busy-work. I had trouble staying awake to do stuff that required me to pay attention to get it done, but was terribly repetitive and boring. Accounting positions tend to have this effect on me.

Better jobs are those that require little to no thought, like sweeping or cleaning or baking bread. When I'm doing manual work, my mind is free to work on anything. Usually a good book, read on breaks and during lunch, will give it enough fuel to keep it humming along until the work is done.

Best jobs are those that actually require firing on all cylinders, intellectual and creative and any other talent area that needs expression. These are the kind of all-consuming job experiences that only "just happen" to a lucky few. Most of us spend a long time figuring out what exactly that might look like, because we have a unique constellation of talents and interests.

But I'm here to tell you that it's possible; it's out there, whatever "it" is for you. A coach can provide a sounding board for experiments in occupational joy, and look for themes in your choices and actions. By exploring the values that are most important to you, coaches can help you build "it" from the inside out. So get your motor running!

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Wow, am I ever glad you commented on my blog. I see things here that will be of great interest to everyone in my family. I'm going to add you to my links and make this a regular stop.
You know, I can't remember exactly how I stumbled across you (next blog, I think) but I see myself so clearly in your blogs. The whole thing about busy with your hands work or the conversation that ensues in your head over paper vs plastic...

I always thought I was just ADHD! So what if I can learn in six months what it takes some people 20 years at a job to master.

Too bad I moved from the west coast, we could be friends:), or at the very least you might become my therapist! Please keep up the blogs, I'm excited about what else I might learn.
Behaviorism, providing structure, busywork... vapid small talk too, all aspects of Existential Hell!
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