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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Brain Melting

There are some days when I feel as if all my creativity and "punch" is slowly dissolving into a puddle at my feet. Getting no sleep tends to increase the frequency of these moments.

I've read often that gifted people need less sleep than normal, especially as children, but I'm definitely not one of them. Generally, the more sleep I get the better I look, feel, and behave. Sometimes I can get involved in a project or reading a book and keep going for hours and hours getting lots and lots done. But I always, always pay for it with melting brain for the next couple of days. Finding a balance has always been a challenge.

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Hi Jo.

Interesting point regarding sleep. I generally function on 4-5.5 hours a night and only feel the need for the standard 8 hours maybe every once every ten days or so.

New ideas or creative work tends to " rev" my system, even if I had been previously feeling tired and I can become absorbed working nonstop for hours afterwards.
Hello. Your blog deals with a lot of very interesting topics. Especially, your notion of balancing. It is so true when I think back two occasions: 1) when I sleep too little with a lot of work and 2) when I sleep too much with very little tasks to complete. These two different cases give me almost the same effect -- making me feel tired, feel like my brain got some clouds and cannot think clearly. Yes, I agree with you. BALANCE is the key!!
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