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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Wild Wild Web

It's a jungle out there in the land of websites. Many people who are starting businesses are looking for web contractors, and just like building contractors, they vary widely in their expertise and ethics. I really hate seeing people get taken! If you don't know what you are buying, don't buy it. Go away, educate yourself, and then you will be able to make an informed decision. If you don't, you will be paying for that education by buying something that isn't right for you. Both methods are valid - but when just starting out, which do you have more of, time or money?!

In general the anger seems to be back. I'm having trouble accepting that the world is not run how I would run it. This anger resurfaces every couple of months, when things just aren't living up to my expectations. I can't change the world, so I have to change my expectation, and I don't want to! There are millions of gifted people out there who can and do try to make a difference for all of us. But I've still got to pull in my wings or I'll go crazy. Why does this feel like giving up? Grrrr!

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