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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Pull in the Wings

Today I am modelling an extremely important part of being gifted - how to retain sanity in the face of a huge, dysfunctional world that pings my emotions constantly. I've got to pull in the wings a bit, stop taking in so much.

This means: get up before everyone else in the house and meditate; eat a light, healthy breakfast, and drink lots of water; exercise like a fiend to get those endorphins pumping; more water, plus a banana; work a little; sing along to favourite song on the radio; cuddle the dog; eat a good lunch, preferably high protein low fat; ....I could go on but you get the idea. Physical, mental, spiritual health must be my No.1 priority especially when I feel like I am so busy I don't have time.

My business is really getting going and I am tempted to turn into a BusinessBot - to talk and think about nothing else! But I must walk my talk, and anyway I can't sustain BusinessBot mode for long before I'm lying on the floor in Emergency Deep Breathing mode. So I'm gonna go with the flow, taking care of my primary business asset - me!

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