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Saturday, September 17, 2005



It finally happened - the meditation video tape I have used every day for about five years finally gave up and released its own atoms into the Void (it didn't explode, it just doesn't work). So today I went off tape and just sat there on the floor in my living room. Doing nothing and feeling conspicuous even though I was in the privacy of my own home, my boyfriend was still asleep, and the dog wasn't even looking at me.

Having used this tape so much, I was able to hear it in my head without effort and go through the same routine to start with. Near the end when Rodney Yee says "your conciousness dissolves, like a light.." I went ahead and dissolved as normal....but without the tape hurrying me on to the next thing, I stayed dissolved and looked around a while. It was awesome. I have no idea how long I sat there, not being a clock person or even believing in time at all, but it felt like eternity. And that's the point!

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