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Friday, September 02, 2005


Creation and timing

I've just read a fantastic book by Erica Helm Meade, called Tell It By Heart. In it there's a telling of the Eurynome creation myth. It's a great story that emphasizes that actual creative acts are only one part of the process of creation. There are other stages like rest, chaos, failure, contemplation, revision, that are an equally essential part of it. And in order to brave all of these stages, one must have commitment.

In these days of sorrow and grief as I wonder why death has visited so often this month, I need to remember that creativity has many moods. As my sponsor has said to me so many times, "Don't just do something, sit there!" Action taken without a gut directional feeling is not helpful. I am totally committed to walking with gifted people as they discover their own inner strength and resources. I need to trust that my own process will reveal itself to me in time. As I wait I will do my filing! And probably eat some chocolate and cry a little, and do a bit of raging. My time will come.

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