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Thursday, September 22, 2005



I had to look up the spelling of competence; does this disqualify me from posting about it? I'm going take the fact that my computer hasn't exploded as a divine endorsement of this post.

I'm feeling fabulous because today I changed my own tire for the first time ever. I came out of the gym and saw that I had a flat. Instead of having a panic, bursting into tears, and phoning my boyfriend for help, I calmly whipped out the spare and the jack and got to work. Apart from having to borrow a gorgeous man with big muscles to loosen the nuts, I did it all by myself.

Apparently this shifted some kind of internal block, because a couple of hours later after meeting my buddy I had an epiphany. Too soon to share, but it basically involves some writing and some meeting to do a whole lot of good in the world of the gifted.

The moral of this story is.....doing something a tiny bit scary and getting it right gives the Big Scary Idea permission to come out. So do something scary today!

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