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Monday, September 26, 2005



I think the equinox has just sent me into some kind of business orbit. Things are happening really fast, I'm writing like crazy and STILL have more to say. I have discovered I work best in the "Coffice" - this is a word I have made up to describe any coffee shop where I can comfortably sit with my laptop for a couple of hours and pay people to bring me hot beverages at regular intervals. Of course it requires getting dressed, but it makes me feel like a productive member of the human race.

I'm not the only one using this strategy to get stuff done - today I noticed a guy who clearly had spit-up on his T-shirt typing away in the corner. I live with 3 kids under 6 upstairs, so I shot him a sympathetic look and we shared a rueful smile. It was just like a commercial.

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