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Thursday, September 01, 2005



Today I just want to go back to school - you know, that lovely place where achievement is measured and you know what's expected of you. Granted, the work is all useless, but at least it ends and then you get the summer off and come back to new things next year.

As a small business owner it's mpossible for me to give myself pats on the back because as soon as I've completed something, all the other tasks start yelling for attention. Additionally, my email is always full of sales ads telling me that if I would only get myself together I could be a millionaire in six months. In this environment it is hard to feel like I am accomplishing anything. I know, boo-hoo for the entrepreneur who can take a nap anytime she wants.

Yesterday my boyfriend made me some desk trays and I spent a happy morning filling them up with all the papers scattered on my desk. Now I can actually see my desk and I know where the very important pieces of paper are. It makes me feel incredibly efficient.

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