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Friday, August 05, 2005



It occurred to me last night that the Wonderbread/Pumpernickel metaphor could apply to anything, sex too. It's pretty easy for me to accept Wonderbread because I'm too scared to ask for Pumpernickel in *lots* of situations. Why does it still feel dangerous to ask for what I want/need? Why do I continue to put my needs last? It's a pretty strong program from somewhere!

But I am challenging it, and asking for Pumpernickel all over the place, because that is what I am asking my clients to do every day. I gotta walk the talk! It's very surprising what can happen when I do that, I certainly expand my world whenever I do it, no matter what the outcome.

Got some great tips from a seminar on how to get leads and sales, but I must have the Pumpernickel attitude to follow through and do something about it. So I'm emailing the scary people and printing the sales letter and just doing it. AAAAhhhhh!

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