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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Great Conversations

There are few things more wonderful to me than a great conversation. I love to talk, in fact that's one reason why I blog, as it gets some of the constant flow of ideas and observations out of my head and gives me room for new ones. Lucky, lucky, lucky you!

I had two great conversations today with gifted people and thoroughly enjoyed being able to ask for clarification and laugh over crazy things that just don't seem funny to anyone else. I asked about the communication thing, and for those following that thread of neurosis, it's been confirmed that it is in fact paranoia. Whew! But good to know, and will help on coaching calls, no doubt.

One thing that came up in both conversations was the frustration of seeing things that are invisible to others. The anger that comes from so rarely being able to be oneself around others. The resentment caused by understanding how things could be and keenly perceiving how far away from it we are.

Additionally, I'm reading about transference and naturally starting to wonder how much of me is looking for an arena to work out my own stuff about being a gifted adult in a non-gifted world. Need to spend time and thought on this - hopefully the book I'm reading on it will have some pointers - "Between Therapist and Client" by Michael Kahn.

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