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Friday, August 12, 2005


Friday Nite

I'm still a total sucker for Friday Nite=PAR-TAY! despite working at home, and theoretically being able to party any night I choose without consequence. Habits are so annoying yet at times very useful. I would not be able to drag myself to the gym if I had to make the decision to do so every day. Instead I've set up a routine and just follow it every morning like a mindless drone.

No wait, I don't mean that! It's freeing up the decision-making part of my conciousness for important things, reading great books like Teaching as a Subversive activity on the elliptical trainer, for instance. Or wondering how I construct my own reality as a function of the language I speak. Hmmm. Time for a beer, methinks. I'm certainly not raising any conciousness through this post.

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