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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


For crying out loud!

I just had to share this with you - it's from an e-newsletter I get because I'm submitting to search engines, you can check it out at www.webpronews.com . No wonder I am not getting listed if this is any indication of their standards.

"Jim Pitkow at Moreover threw out some big statistics about search-based news. He said there were 12,000 international news sources producing 200,000 articles a day. They exist in 125 countries in 36 languages and in 380 catagories. Bloggers and press are separated distinctly. Moreover doesn't consider bloggers to be journalists necessarily. He said the press writes the news and the bloggers write opinions about news."

So news is not an opinion?! I will *not* let this get me down, I will not let this get me down, I will not....where are those cookies?

Technorati tags:

If you're submitting to search engines, you're wasting your time. The real search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) will pick you up without submitting, if you do the right things to actively participate in the blogosphere.

1) Post often.
2) Use a varied and rich vocabulary so that there is an increased chance of getting "hit" by search terms.
3) Participate in other's blogs by making worthwhile comments. Not only will this allow you to leave your site link (thereby increasing your "GoogleJuice"), it may attract other readers who may find your comments worthwhile and want to read more of what you write.
4) Participate in the "tagged web" through the use of Technorati Tags. This will attract people who use Technorati for topic searching.

The Cluetrain Manifesto tells us that the web is a conversation. You know what they say about people who talk only to themselves! :)
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