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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


EQ with a vengeance

Emotional Intelligence of the Gifted

I’ve been thinking about EQ, or emotional intelligence, as people have been recommending that I do so! In Chapter 3 of Daniel Goleman’s popular book on the subject, Emotional Intelligence , he gives some examples of high IQ people who are not achieving the heights they were destined for. He says that “Academic intelligence has little to do with emotional life” and goes on to say “…people with with high IQs can be stunningly poor pilots of their private lives.” He believes that emotional intelligence and IQ are independent of each other. Goleman does a good job of showing that success comes to those who have an awareness of social rules and apply them in the dominant mode of their society. I think his observation that people with high IQ may have low emotional intelligence and therefore lower success is flawed. For starters, he defines success largely in social terms, a narrow band of achievement that gifted people may or may not choose to pursue.

I suggest that because the person with high IQ is actually hyper-aware their world, they are not receiving the same information about any given situation as someone within the normal range. Because of this, they will react differently. They are able to discern more complexity in any situation, and social situations are the most complex ...more

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