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Monday, August 29, 2005


Electronic Superego

The last 10 days have been low-work days for me because of major distractions here at home - guys laying a path right outside my window, my boyfriend staying home from work, under-fives playing drums on the floor above, and internal resistance to making sales calls. However it is amazing how much one can get done in brief bursts of concentrated effort. Actually I think I am more suited to this method of working - doing about 6 things for 10 minutes at a time each, repeat cycle as necessary. Is this multitasking, or perhaps a way for me to keep myself entertained as I do stuff that isn't very exciting? I'm going with the last option as it makes me sound more like a Renaissance Woman. Also it makes me sound smart rather than scatterbrained or easily distractable.

Interesting that I'm now judging my perceptions in terms of all the reading I've been doing about giftedness and its characteristics. For example, many researchers have identified "hyperfocus", "task commitment", and "rage to master" in gifted people. Doesn't seem to be that way for me at all. It's more like, wait until I can't bear the internal pressure to get it done, then make a great effort and do it as fast as possible. That's why I lurve my CRM software that basically keeps beeping at me until I complete the tasks I've assigned myself. It's like an electronic superego.

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