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Sunday, August 14, 2005



I recently heard that an old friend has died from the effects of alcoholism. This has sent a shockwave through my world and I'm just starting to realize why.

As a coach, I support people who are working for the best life they can concieve of. I'm there as they work through the hard stuff, the fear and self-doubt, and celebrate their learnings and success. They learn the skills they need to keep moving ahead on their own, but they always know I'm there holding the space for them, calling them into their magnificence.

It's terribly hard to hear about people who never got there, spent their whole life trying to be happy the best way they knew how. They use something outside themself to find a splinter of the joy that's their birthright, and it just takes them further away from it. I suppose I've lost a fantasy that everyone always find peace in the end, before they die.

But how do I know what peace is, for anyone else? Maybe they find their own way, that's just as good, I have no ability to judge. What works for each individual is unique, and that's the lesson I think I am supposed to learn. Joy is personal and needs supporting no matter what it looks like, even if I don't understand how it contributes to a person's growth and happiness. The universe has a far larger plan and reach than I will ever comprehend. All I can do is become strong in my own way and trust that my strength is what my clients need to follow their own path.

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