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Sunday, August 28, 2005



I have found a coherent explanation for why I cannot create a coherent explanation of what I need to say! Those in the know (mystics down the ages), according to Ken Wilber's painstaking analysis in The Spectrum of Consciousness, sum it up in various ways, but my favourite one is "Those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know" (Taoist). As I understand it, Wilber points out that in order to codify an experience one must assume a dualistic subject-object position. In the case of the experience that I am trying to describe, this is impossible because any symbolism denies the opposite of that symbol, and it's an all-inclusive type experience.

So what to do? How can I communicate? Why do I feel so strongly that it is necessary to communicate this? I think it's because there was no peace for me until I found it. No peace, and no desire to do anything but find peace for myself. I tried to find it so many other ways, but until I got there it was impossible to put my gifts in action to help others. Perhaps everyone needs to reach their potential within before they can start giving to the outside. Is it possible for everyone to get where I am, or do people have maximums? Is this my maximum or is there more? More questions.

One thing I know is that once someone has felt this same drive, they will need me or someone like me to resonate and rail against as they walk their path. I looked and looked for my own foil and could not progress until I found it. No book or training program or religion or distraction could do what being with someone who has had these types of experiences has done.

So I come to the essential problem. How do I reach those who seek me without being able to articulate what I can offer them? What is required here is a new marketing strategy, offering and selling the benefits of development. Perhaps those can be clearly articulated? Another quest....

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