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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Seducing the Google Bots

Hey, google bot, nice algorithm! Wanna come check out my site? Come on....it's orange....so pretty....

There's so much to see on the internet, it's not surprising that the bots get tired and need ever more enticements to visit. Wonderbro assures me that they will get to me in about a week.

Wrote a sales letter today and got sidetracked when looking for a good quote on the Davidson Institute site http://www.ditd.org/public/. There's really some great people working in this field and it is fantastic to know that there are people as passionate as I am about meeting the needs of gifted people http://www.gt-cybersource.org/Record.aspx?NavID=2_0&rid=12366.
There's hope, and I'm not alone - and it's my mission to let all gifted people know that.

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