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Monday, July 25, 2005


School calls

I've been contacting some schools today to tell them about my fantastic workshops for gifted kids. Reading through the websites really brought back memories of my old schools and gave me a sinking feeling in my tum. I remembered what it felt like to be gifted yet have no idea that was the source of so many of my "problems". I really want to stop that from happening to this generation of gifted kids! Let's normalize their experience, too!

I was also really struck by the language on the websites of the private schools. Some parts of it are very coach-like, not surprisingly. The emphasis on individual growth seems so wierd when juxtaposed with various versions of "school spirit". From my experience at school and at work, it is dangerous to believe what an organization says about itself is a true reflection of its day-to-day reality for employees/students. Coming closer to the ideals of the organization is vital for sustainable growth. Hopefully things have changed.

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Hey there,

Tell me about your program for gifted kids. I have two gifted kids, who have gifted friends.

You can contact me by email. alison(at)swoonmedia.com

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