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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Getting it together

Too angry yesterday to post. I'm having a hard time processing the rage that comes from having to keep translating everything into "appropriate" language. I've got to complain about it somewhere and so you, dear reader, are hearing about it.

I am pissed off that the majority of the pop-psych and even academic psych literature out there does not even recognize some of the things that are part of my deep truth. I am upset by the prejudice against the possibility of high IQ people needing help or being disadvantaged. And the requirement for gifted people to fit into society's pre-determined patterns to be valued actually makes me nauseous. For a really good exposition of what giftedness can do to a life, and how society can destroy it, check out the fantastic animated short "Ryan".

I wish for a way to show up in this social world that is acceptable even if it is strange. I think it's desperately unfair that fitting in comes so naturally to others. Is it surprising that I find social situations exhausting? It's like playing chess on 20 different boards.

Anyway, I'm continuing to work where I can, and I'm taking it out on the elliptical trainer at the gym, and kneading pizza dough with a vengeance. At the very least this rage will be productive.

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Did I miss the link to this animated short? Sounds interesting...
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