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Friday, July 15, 2005


Cell Phone

Ah, so many adventures to be had in technology. I recently joined the rest of my generation and purchased a cell phone - for purely business purposes, of course. And my worst fears have been realized.

We quickly formed a connection based on the fact that Dewey (yes, he has a name) is such a great listener. In fact he will repeat my words for me verbatim at the touch of a button. We had such laughs over his variety of humorous ring-tones, his version of "Mr. Roboto" bringing tears of joy. He never fails to give me my messages, he remembers the names of all my friends, and he always apologizes if he can't give me service.

Yes, I'm in love with my cell phone, and we're joined at the hip. I gush embarrassingly about his great qualities to anyone who will listen. This means you!

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