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Thursday, July 14, 2005



A lot of people have been recommending that I start a blog. They think it will stop me talking so much if I write everything down all the time. They might be right.

I can't imagine that my insane meanderings through the world will be of interest to anyone but me. I love my life and I think that anything that keeps me more concious is useful. This is also the argument I use to justify daily reading of my horoscope in two different newspapers.

So let's just go for it and see what happens. I'm starting my own business right now and I'm excited, but scared. Once, my dad was giving me a driving lesson and we stopped at a gas station and filled up, oil, etc. About 10 minutes later the oil light comes on, Dad's a bit confused and asks me to pull over. He opens the hood and there's oil everywhere. He proceeds to yell and stuff for a while and imply that I'm an idiot because I didn't put the oil cap back on. Well, if I'd have known it was that important I would have! No-one explained it to me! I had no idea how the thing worked!

So with starting this business, I'm learning all I can, but I know that somehow I'm going to leave the oil cap off.

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